Don’t Reinvent the wheel

In this wonderful world of web that we are so deeply involved with, its highly unlikely that someone hasn’t developed it done it before. There is an upside and a downside to this as well. Meaning that it is nice that someone had laid the foundation for you, just a bummer that you didn’t think of it first.


There is no reason to stress over who came up with the thought of it first, just think of a way to make it your own. Case and point, many times a client wants a full CMS to make changes in-house to their website. A lot of the times they think they will never need to see your face again once THEY have control over the website.


You have a couple of options here.

  1.  Create your own custom CMS
  2. Use a current open source CMS that someone has already created and customize it to your liking
  3.  Set them up with one of the many popular platforms out there that already incorporate a CMS feature (WordPress is the most popular and user friendly)


Truth be told, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel!


With that said, you have to start thinking about yourself and how you can benefit from this experience, and not end up working for free. I have been burned a few times by a client and from then on, have learned my lesson. Many times simple things like wordpress is all the client needs.


As an eager developer myself, I find myself looking for ways to try and implement the last things that I have learned on the web. Creating your own CMS with all these bells and whistles. As I pitched my plan to a professor at my school, he opened my eyes to my downfall. His words echo vividly to this day:


“ Keep on mind that if you do this from scratch, your doing this for yourself. Not because it’s the best way for this project.” –Rene Alverez


After sleeping on these words I then realized that this is not the most efficient way of going about things. I am going to invest long hours, when these tools are already put together for me. A client isn’t going to care that I built everything from scratch with the latest technologies because half of them couldn’t spell PHP let alone know what it does. That’s why I’m here.


They just care that it works!


If you keep true to these guidelines you will in much better shape than I was. Never be afraid to use what readily available. Your time will come to showcase your skills. Trust me! Just be patient young grasshoppa!

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