Master the Basics

“Learning to navigate the PHP documentation is the single most useful thing you can do for yourself as a programmer.”


Mastering the basics are the keys to success. There is no way a building could stand with a weak foundation. Everything you learn from here on out will depend upon how well you master the basics.

There are many different tools out there to help you master the basics. Following different tutorial blogs is a great start. During my early development, besides Rima, Nettuts was my ace in the hole. Covering everything from basic html to advanced php and asp, the material is broken down into video and written tutorials.

I myself am an aspiring PHP developer looking to have a few homebrews and create the next facebook, thanks Mark. I have found view great write-ups that will help spring all aspiring PHP developers to the top. These couple articles are a great place to get started.

Jason Lengstorf is one of the best PHP developers right now. Coming from a self-taught scripting background, he has become a successful freelance developer that has started his own company. He has written several article for my favorite blog, Nettuts, and also has had two books published through well-known companies.

Jason’s most recent articles on Nettuts, is advising new developers to learn the basics about programmer first. It’s never easy to be in a situation trying to understand a function and not truly comprehending the syntax of the language itself. Learning the basics is boring and time consuming, but in the long run it will great sturdy ground for you to grow as a developer.

“Try to Use at Least One Unfamiliar Concept in Every Project.”

This is an invaluable point! Many times we get to comfortable in the technologies that we know and forget to step outside of our box. Learning new technologies is a great way to keep up with new techniques, which is very important in an ever-changing world. With so many things that can go wrong, it is crucial to stay on top of your game to keep security threats at bay.

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