Assignment 12

After reviewing the goDaddy commercials, it isn’t hard to see who these ads are aimed at. If you are measuring how effective the ads are, just look at the companies booming growth in past couple of years. If you are measuring the ads by the content, they may not stack up to most commercials out there. If you aren’t into technology and domain names but just like to look at girls, then these ads might attract you as well.

How effective the ads are is directed at who your audience is. Are people coming to the site because of the ads? This can be measured in a very basic way. Traffic generated by these internet ads is a good way to measure if these videos are paying off. Monitor how many clicks happened on what ads. A small, one question survey about hey they got here to the site or they heard of us. All great ways capture user input.

These ads are NOT something that you would want show to your grandmother to get her to join goDaddy. Then again, your grandmother is not goDaddy’s target audience. Do you see the trend here? How effective the ads are isn’t based on the content. Is it effective is the question at the end of the day.

People keep talking about the content and degrading women. It isn’t like anyone forced these women do these degrading acts in these commercials in the internet ads. These women are paid very, very well to do exactly what they did in this video, promote goDaddy. I dare say that if these women didn’t want to do these articles, there are plenty of other women out there that would have taken their spot for the same money.

If sex sells and people are buying it, isn’t it a good marketing strategy for people to keep promoting it.

At this point, I doubt that people are buying goDaddy domains because of these ads. How many people that watch NASCAR on the weekends and jump back into web development on Monday morning?

I think the ads work. They fit the persona that goDaddy is trying to portrait to the public. Cutting edge but at the same time very cool with hot girls and up-to-date technologies. Where else would people get that combo? 

Judging by goDaddy’s past success, I do not believe that goDaddy is not going to change its marketing tactics any time soon. They do not have any motivation to. Would you and why?

Given that resorting to half naked women is an easy way out, if it works then why not go for it.  If you have a company, which made you millions, would you have any motivation to change the way that you presented your marketing? At the beginning of the company’s success, they started off with a single goDaddy girl. Isn’t it only simple math that if you can afford more girl icons, buy them?

The ads can be a little much at times. If you find yourself in this position, then these ads are not generated towards you. I do think they are effective. I do believe the ads work.

 The world we live in today, this is what marketing has become. If the public keeps responding to this in a positive way then companies will continue to produce it. Plain and simple, it sells!

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